‘In speaking, accents are charming and add individuality, but clarity, in any language,
is necessary to communicate thoughts intelligibly’


The primary purpose of the English Pronunciation Guide is to demonstrate how English words are
pronounced, with the variations of vowel sounds and spelling arranged in phonetic groups.

However, the essential qualities of a good speaking voice also includes: resonance, clarity and variation.

The power and quality of the voice relies heavily on resonance, which depends on the correct forming of
vowels. Similarly, if consonants are not articulated with clarity it can cause confusion and without tonal
variation the voice can sound monotonous. Finally, every language has its own rhythm and English cannot
be understood if the words are not stressed according to the English rhythm of pronunciation.

All these elements together produce a good speaking-voice and are included in this extensive 8-lesson


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- taught remedial speech & educational drama to children and teens
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- in a parallel career, was a freelance continuity technician on films, TV series & commercials

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