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The Phonetic Guide to English Pronunciation

The English Pronunciation Guide is an educational training course,
suitable for anyone studying English as a new language.

It has a self-correcting phonetic key to the pronunciation of hundreds of words
that simplifies the irregularities of English spelling.

The Guide to English Pronunciation uses phonetic lists
to illustrate which words have identical vowel sounds and the variations of the spelling

The English Pronunciation Guide comprises 8 lessons, which include:

• Correct vowel formation for tone, resonance and vocal power.
Articulation exercises of the consonants for speech clarity.
• Lists of homonyms and easily mispronounced words.
• Examples of the stress patterns in spoken English.
Audio clips of the vowel groups to guide your pronunciation.

The professional speech exercises are valuable for English-speakers too,
especially for people who often speak in public,
because they improve articulation and enrich the tonal qualities of the voice.

The confident use of language has dynamic potential and is an essential asset in leadership

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